Retro Bowl 2

Retro Bowl 2

The first version of the Retro Bowl game was released in 2020 year and many people asked why this game is so popular despite the fact that it is has poor graphics. Many people didn't know that it is a remake of the original video game called Techmo Bowl which was released in 1987 year and had a simple 8 bit graphics. Today I would like to show you the second edition of the game which is called Retro Bowl 2 and will definitely become one of the best games about American Football.

In Retro Bowl 2 you are going to become the manager of the team and control every aspect of the team to lead it to glory and success. Your mission is to make a strong team which can compete with others and win the main trophy of the game - Super Bowl. In fact, it is more like a coach simulator with some options of taking of control of the team attacks. Even though that this game has a simple graphics, there are so many options and interesting things that it may require a lot of time in order to fully understand everything.

You can help your team while attacks - control the ball, pass it between players and do everything to score touchdown. Keep in mind that the defensive actions are still out of your control and you have to rely on your players. For newbie players there is a special tutorial mode at the beginning of the game to understand how to control the team, how to pass the ball between players and so on. You can definitely skip the tutorial mode but I recommend you to complete it. Another thing that you must know about this game is that Retro Bowl 2 is available on all devices, including smartphones. The web version which is hosted at our website is the most up-to-date edition of the game which is available for free.

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